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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Top 10 Pinay wardrobe essentials

Still looking for the perfect LBD? Buying a new pair of sexy jeans? Want to revamp your closet? Hold your shopping checklist as we give you the top ten Pinay wardrobe essentials.

We at StreetSmartCharm loved the show Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style so we’ve modified his top ten wardrobe must-haves and made our clothes selection more appropriate to the Philippine weather so every Filipina fashionista will have the most comfortable yet stylish everyday outfit. Here are our top picks:

1. Basic black dress – Often called the “Little Black Dress,” this wardrobe essential is on number one for many reasons. It’s a classic - it never goes out of style, it can be paired with different tops (such as the chiffon flowy sando), it’s versatile - can be worn at work or at a party, and it’s great for those you-simply-can’t-decide-what-to-wear occasions. When buying an item, just remember to fit the dress. Have the patience to hop from one store to another until you see the one that flatters your figure. I like seeing ones that hug the hip and thighs perfectly, those that hit just 3-5 inches above the knees. Choose the dress with a durable, comfortable material that’s good to wear all year round.

2. Dress pants – Black is always a good choice as it flatters all figures and matches with any blouse you opt to pair it with.A good dress pants also falls right past the ankles but not too much that it covers your feet and goes under it when you walk.

3. Classic white shirt – A classic white shirt can be a plain shirt, a collared one, or a formal top.Choose styles that exude femininity and avoid those that look like it came out from a menswear collection. Look for those with ruffles in front if you want to make your chest look bigger. If you have broad shoulders and want to hide them, buy those with short collars.

4. Jeans –You may have a pair of jeans but do they make you look sexy orshabby? When buying jeans, make sure to fit them first. Walk, crouch, sit, and stand around to ensure they fit you well. Avoid those pairs that shows your butt crack when you’re sitting or picking something on the floor.Choosing dark washed ones doesn’t just save you money, it’ll also give you a sexier back.

5. Any occasion top –This top should be anything but plain or ordinary so it can be worn in semi-formal dinners or a night party. Search for tops that’ll make you look fabulous but still respectable.

6. Skirt –When choosing skirts, consult others’ opinion on whether it looks good on you or not. A skirt’s goodness lies on its style, form (the way it hugs your body, and length).

7. Day dress –Find not only nice prints but also a good form that follows your curves and goes on the right places.

8. Jacket – A proper, fitted jacket following the silhouette of a woman’s body and emphasize the waist is a good jacket. I love those blazers with puffed or raised sleeves, as it gives oomph to any look, whether you put it on a dress or with a pair of jeans.If you travel frequently outside the country, add trench coat to your jacket collection.

9. Sweatsuit alternative – Tim Gunn advises not to wear sweatsuits as your casual clothes to avoid looking like a slob. Good sweatsuit alternatives include khakis, cords, or a cotton dress.

10. Summer tops and bottoms –We’re replacing trench coats with summer tops and bottoms because it can still be hot and humid here in the Philippines even after summer. For tops, good pieces include wide breezy tops and sleeveless tops, which can be racer back sandos or halter tops (whatever flatters your top body). For bottoms, we love denim shorts and culottes.

These ten items are classic, practical pieces that will help build the foundation of your wardrobe, allowing you to construct a great outfit as you go on adding more stylish items. A good pair of jeans, for example, when paired with a trendy or another classic item, will make a good fashion statement. With these essentials, you can mix and match your clothes to make the perfect outfit for any occasion and situation.When choosing a piece, just ensure that it fits you properly and that it highlights your best asset. Remember to accessorize to pull off your whole outfit.

Cheers to a new set of wardrobe pieces!


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